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Vijaykumar kidnapped Vanitha’ son | Manjula Vijayakumar, Manjula Vijayakumar Photos, Manju

Vijaykumar kidnapped Vanitha’ son

November 29, 2010 by The Editor 
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Vijaykumar who is quite famous in Tamil industry married Manjula the actress of those days. Incidentally by then Vijaykumar was already married and had three children including the Tamil actor Arun Vijay

Later Manjula & Vijaykumar had three children including Vanitha, Preetha and Srideevi Vijaykumar. Preetha & Sridevi acted in many Telugu & Tamil flicks while Vanitha acted only in Tamil movies.

Vanitha was said to be beautiful but was not able to make it big in the film industry. She fell in love and married a person who proved to be a fraud. Later she divorced and married another person. She already has a child from her first marriage and now she alleges that her father Vijaykumar has kidnapped her son and threatens that she will commit suicide in case if her son is not returned to her.

On his part, Vijaykumar says that he is afraid that Vanitha's second husband might illtreat or hurt his grandson and so is keeping him.

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